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7 Podcasts to Binge on Holiday Road Trips

I hate road trips. I really do. I prefer to fly if possible, but some trips are cheaper or quicker to get to by the car. I swear the only thing that actually helps me get through these car rides are podcasts. I can only listen to the same playlists and songs so often before I’m tapped out. But podcasts allow me to learn or laugh while passing the time. With the holidays being all in the midst, I decided to share some more of the shows I listen to as I travel.

Millennial Lov3

This podcast is hosted by three millennials (I went to college with one of the hosts) and they discuss every topic under the sun as it relates to 20- and 30-somethings. Listen to Millennial Lov3.

The Sporkful

Learning about people through food is something I am passionate about so finding The Sporkful was kindred. Listen to The Sporkful.

There Goes the Neighborhood

Gentrification is real and taking over America. There Goes the Neighborhood has covered this real estate shift in New York and now, in Los Angeles. Listen to There Goes the Neighborhood.

Through Thick & Thin

I am biased because I love Girlfriends (the television show) and I might know the hosts of this show. This podcast discusses every episode of the Mara Brock Akil show. Listen to Through Thick & Thin.

The Longest Shortest Time

I am not a parent, but this has to be the best podcast about parenting because it discusses a variety of topics that relate to motherhood and fatherhood, such as Corporate America’s take on maternity leave. Listen to The Longest Shortest Time.

The Remedy

This podcast is hosted by three Black women that are navigating life and the world around us with style, grace, and political insight. Listen to The Remedy.


The “what if” is no more in this podcast. Through beautiful storytelling, the narrator Jonathan Goldstein uncovers these possibilities in a detailed way. Listen to Heavyweight.

If there are any podcasts I missed that you thoroughly enjoy, please let me know on Twitter.