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Being Conscious, Being Thoughtful

On last week’s episode of “Queen Sugar”, Remy recalled a sentiment the late Ernest Bordelon made about his daughter Charley.

“She’s thoughtful,” he said. At first, the phrase seems endearing. Sweet, even. But the true meaning was made clear moments after. Thoughtful was another word for calculated. Fans of “Queen Sugar” can agree with that notion—Charley’s facade of perfection and togetherness often controls her actions and conversations. She is, indeed, a thoughtful presence of the show and we are reminded of that in every episode.

Being thoughtful, however, isn’t always horrible. Taking time to consider ourselves, others, and our environment can contribute to a positive life. We can become so preoccupied in ourselves, like Charley, that we forget how simple it can be to think of someone or something for altruistic purposes.

It really doesn’t take much, though. Think about this summer—I’m sure many of us hosted or went to a barbecue. And I bet many of us also ate off of paper or foam plates and used plastic utensils instead of burdening our family and friends with extensive dishwashing. But those cookout essentials really aren’t that great for the environment. So instead of buying the 100 pack of white foam plates at whatever grocery store you peruse, opt for a more eco-friendly solution in palm leaf dinnerware.

Palm leaf plates, bowls, and general dinnerware are sustainable, biodegradable and aesthetically pleasing. My favorite brand, Naturally Chic Dinnerware, offers plates and bowls in many shapes and sizes. I was impressed when the bowl didn’t leak or the plate didn’t warp after a minute or so in the microwave. I’ve enjoyed all kinds of take out and home-cooked meals on their dinnerware and felt good when I threw it away.

So, yes, it is okay to be thoughtful. It’s okay to consider how you appear to others as long as you balance that with actually caring for others and the environment. Remember this next time you barbecue or have a dinner party.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Naturally Chic Dinnerware. This post also uses Amazon Affiliate links.