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8 Black Restaurant Foodies to Follow on Instagram

I’m not the only one that likes to go out to eat and then take a picture of my meal to share on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and beyond. And if you weren’t paying attention, you might have missed that there is a budding black restaurant foodie community on the social webs. Yea, we’re outchea sipping mimosas at brunch, finding the best juice bars to frequent after the gym, and celebrating a stressful Tuesday by picking up food to-go instead of cooking.

So if you want to diversify your Instagram feed and see more delectable meals, I suggest you follow these black foodies.


Of course, you need to follow ya girl. Located in Gwinnett County, I usually take pics of some of the best hidden spots in northeast metro ATL.



Erica is an Atlanta-based food blogger that makes sure her camera is ready when she’s on the go. Visit her blog, Eating with Erica.


Evi lives in LA and blogs about her restaurant adventures as well as gives you recipes. A win, win, right? Visit her website, Ev’s Eats.


She takes you on a journey of food and life, but mostly food. Based in Atlanta. Follow her Tumblr, foodloveandhope.tumblr.com.



Milla is from Miami but lives in Atlanta and is often snapping pics of her food while she’s on the go. Visit her website, Happily Eating, for more restaurant reviews.


Aaron runs a recipe blog, The Hungry Hutch, but is no stranger to running out and grabbing something to eat. He’s based in NYC.


Porttia lives in Dallas, writes, loves tacos, and gives you visual everything whenever she posts.

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Service industry hero.

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She takes amazing photos, for one. And the food she documents makes you want to drive to Pennsylvania and grub instantly.


We’re not only satisfying our stomachs with delicious meals and drinks, but we’re also exposing our friends and family to a life beyond home-cooked meals and chain restaurants. So follow us and stay hungry.

Did I miss any? Tell me on Twitter or Facebook. I want to follow them.