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Bleu House: When Two Becomes One

One of my lunch travels took me to Downtown Norcross. I hooked a left down College St. and saw this little house sitting behind Lillian Webb Park. Food seemed to be inside so I went in. This house was actually called The Market, which specialized in Southern-styled meat and two meals. The restaurant was about half full when I arrived. However, that didn’t mean a thing about my order-to-table time.

Eating at The Market

Less than ten minutes later, my meal arrived. I ordered the meatloaf with parmesan mashed potatoes and collard greens.

Meatloaf w/collard greens and parmesan mashed potatoes

Their meatloaf is wrapped in bacon, stuffed with white cheddar cheese. It’s truly a thick snack.


The Parmesan mashed potatoes were good if you’re into Parmesan, as it leans slightly heavy in flavor. Again, not a problem if that’s your thing.

The collard greens were a bit salty, IMO. I love a good collard though so it could’ve been that one time.

The plate also comes with a biscuit. This biscuit is akin to the biscuits you get at Bojangles. Not a Popeyes, dry mouth biscuit by any means.

Flaky biscuit.

So all in all, I enjoyed my lunch there. I was able to tuck myself in and eat quietly before heading back to the world of digital strategy.

A few weeks later, I decided to go to their sister restaurant, Bleu House Cafe, that was located a block away from The Market.

Eating at Bleu House Cafe

Initially, this was my take-out restaurant. I could order online through Chow Now and pick it up about ten minutes later.

Aesthetically, Bleu House Cafe had a similar set-up to The Market. The restaurant is fashioned inside an older home. Bleu House had less natural light inside and appeared to be a little more crowded, but never too packed for its usual lunch goers.

I’d always order one of two salads: the Cranberry Salad or the Sunshine Salad. I love fruity salads with a good vinaigrette dressing. The salads are so huge that I rarely order them with meat.

I personally love the crunchy ramen noodles in the Cranberry Salad that I often ask for them to add it to the Sunshine Salad. They do without any upcharge.

If I’m ever craving something sweet, I’d grab one of their 50 cent cookies (chocolate chip or walnut cranberry) or their praline brownie, which is hands down, the BEST brownie I’ve ever had.

Walnut cranberry and chocolate chip cookies. Only 50 cents!

This became my routine for a while. I’d order a salad and return to work and eat while plowing through whatever I was working on.

Then one day, as I picked up my salads, the cashier told me that they were moving down the street to The Market. I was confused.

“Is it going to be on restaurant or two?” I asked.

She told me it’d be one. Essentially, The Market And Bleu House Cafe were merging due to losing their lease. After 15 years in the community, they were combining menus and simplifying the name to just Bleu House.

Eating at Bleu House

Since the Bleu House officially opened in early February 2018, I’ve grabbed lunch to go a few times. The smaller, condensed area means busy, busy, busy. Peak lunch hours (11:45 am to 1:15 pm) mean take out is the best move. Even then, you’re waiting a little bit. The restaurant fixed their Chow Now to reflect the combined effort, so now I can jump to the side and wait for my food. Old school take out orders (aka calling) means standing in a line among other hopeful patrons just to pay and wait for food to come to you. Venturing to stay there and eat means shuffling around packed tables and seeing the glimmer when one party gets up and leaves. I don’t like getting into the game of hunting down those that have stopped eating and are sitting around, wrapping up conversations so I can get their seat. I love this food though, so I’ll plan accordingly.

Bleu House

62 College St., Norcross, GA

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