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Brunch in Savannah at The Ordinary Pub

My boyfriend and I went to Savannah for the second leg of my birthday vacation, also known as Auntiefest. On our second day there, we walked to The Ordinary Pub which is a place that serves brunch every day. To keep with the format of my other brunch-themed posts, I will break down the experience in the same way.

The Food

Pork Belly Sliders

What I ate: We started with the pork belly sliders. Then, I ordered the steak omelette. My boyfriend ordered the bacon brunch bowl.

Steak Omelette

I…wanted more seasoning on the pork belly sliders. Since it came with a cup of fruit, I ate that instead and let the boo take over the sliders. I also did not like my omelette. I think I was picturing something more meaty with a more tomatoey flavor. I forgot that it obviously stated that it came with this Gouda cheese sauce. My boyfriend loved his meal but he’s hard to displease.

Brunch Bowl

What I’d order the next time: I’d try the Sexi-Mexi salad with shrimp or the Avocado Smash.

What all can you order? There are two brunch menus: one for the weekdays and one for the weekend. You can order omelettes, tacos, salads, burgers, and other traditional brunch/breakfast dishes.

Overall food price range: The food on the brunch menu ranges from $11-18.

The Drinks

What I drank: We drank bottomless mimosas. And we almost reached the bottom. And when you are about to leave, they will give you a “Togosa” which is a mimosa in a to-go cup. Brilliant.

What I’d drink next time: I’m going to get another round of bottomless mimosas. I think we both reached six or seven before leaving.

What are other drinks you can order? The Ordinary Pub has a variety of cocktails, cold brew cocktails, and liquor. You can really order whatever you want.

How much are the mimosas? Bottomless mimosas are $10. Everyday.

Mimosa #1

Overall drink price range: If you include all of their beverages, the prices start at $6 and go up to about $40.

The Restaurant

Describe the vibe: You walk down a steep flight of stairs into the bottom level of the restaurant. The lack of windows makes you feel like you’ve walked into a time capsule as time can easily pass by down there. You could end up walking out of there 3 hours later wondering where your day (or night) went.

Does the restaurant have any outdoor seating? Not that I could tell.

Area: Historic district of Savannah. Off W Broughton St.

Brunch time: Brunch is everyday from 10am to 4pm (except on Sundays, it starts at 12:30 pm).

So, how was brunch at The Ordinary Pub?

It was okay. I mean, I wasn’t impressed by my meal but I ate enough to enjoy the mimosas without regretting it immediately afterwards. Because the mimosas are refilled quickly and taste so good, I’d definitely come back. But that second visit would determine my true opinion of the restaurant.

The Ordinary Pub

217 1/2 W Broughton St, Savannah, GA 31401 /(912) 238-5130 / Menu