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Double Dating at Papi’s Cuban Grill in Emory Point

The keys to a great double date are simple: good people and good times. Thank goodness both of those boxes were checked when my boyfriend’s sister and her boyfriend joined my boyfriend and I to check out Papi’s Cuban Grill in Emory Point before their grand opening. I was the only one that had Papi’s food before, so this experience would make or break their thoughts around the restaurant.

We visited on Friday after work and sat at one of the high-top tables you see immediately upon walking inside.

The vibe was cute, intimate. Before then, I’d only been to the Papi’s in Lawrenceville and the sizes are pretty comparable. Enough for a dinner for 6, maybe 8. Not for huge birthday dinners or anything like that. So for our party of 4, it was the perfect atmosphere for us to catch up on life.

Anywho, we got to try an appetizer, a sandwich and one entree per couple. Because Papi’s portion sizes are bigger than most, this worked out perfectly. The entire table ordered the same, coincidentally. The boo and I started out with tostones, fried plantains that come with a sauce and restaurant salsa.

Not too sure what I expected with this, but sure. The flavor came in the form of the garlic sauce so dipping or drizzling it over the tostones made it enjoyable.

We also ordered the Papi’s sandwich, which was one of their many Cuban sandwich varieties and arroz con pollo.

My favorite thing about Papi’s Cuban Grill is their black beans. It is something about how they season those beans that just does everything to me at once. I let Ed eat a few and then I monopolized the plate with the sandwich and beans while he finished up the arroz con pollo.

Everyone enjoyed their meal. We sat and talked for about an extra hour after finishing the food just because we didn’t feel rushed to leave. I hate restaurants like that and thank goodness, Papi’s isn’t one of those. Our waitress would check-in regularly but not to the point where we felt annoyed. It was good times overall and like I said before, it made for a great double date.

You don’t need a flight deal to experience Cuban goodness. It’s all around the metro Atlanta area, honestly. Stop by any Papi’s Cuban Grill, especially the one in Emory Point.

Disclosure: Our meals were compensated as a result of being a Papi’s Cuban mailing list subscribee. All opinions and commentary are mine alone.

Papi’s Cuban Grill

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