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Getting Away & Where’s the Scoop

So I’ve been dealing with a lot of family issues as of late because life is good and then sometimes life isn’t as good. In the midst of all of that, you just have to continue to push forward and not get stuck in those crappy moments.

One day last week, I just needed a break. I drove to this rolled ice cream spot about 15 minutes from the job. I knew that they had vegan ice cream and I needed some ice cream. Did I really need ice cream? No, but I wanted it so I got it.

A creamy horchata latte for folks that don’t like dairy.

I went inside. No customers were inside which is always the best dining set-up, IMO. The two employees were folks I hadn’t seen before, granted I’ve only been there once but still. They treated me so nicely that I ended up getting two things: an iced horchata latte and vegan vanilla ice cream topped with Biscoff cookies, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, mochi, and cookie dough.

Gluttony I enjoyed.

I sat there and I ate and I took pictures and I scrolled through my phone in peace. This is so… rare. Because employees will either want to make small talk because no one else is in the store or they’ll make small talk because they see my camera. And sometimes, I just want the peace and quiet. They gave me that when I really, really needed it and I’ll forever be grateful.