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How I Planned My Birthday Weekend in Blairsville, GA

My birthday fell on Memorial Day Weekend this year. That was truly a blessing because I just started a new job where I couldn’t take any time off like I usually do. So instead, I decided to look for places to go within a two hour drive from the house.

After a few days of perusing through HomeAway and VRBO, I settled on the general area of North Georgia. I knew I’d be inviting at least 10 people, so I began to price vacation homes and cabins that could sleep between 10-15. It took some time, but I eventually ended up selecting this cabin in Blairsville.


And instead of asking everyone to chip in and pay for the cabin, I just asked my friends to pay for groceries. I wanted everyone to come and have a good mini-vacay with me and not have to worry too much about how they were going to get up there. (If I did, however, it would’ve been about $100/person to accommodate for lodging and food, excluding alcohol.)

By going ahead and just paying in advance, I was able to eliminate the risk of losing the cabin. Though my birthday was at the end of May, many places were getting snatched up around the beginning of April. With the vacation home secured, I was able to focus on figuring out who was actually going to come and what the menu would be for the weekend.

When I initially sent out the text invitation in late March, I asked for everyone to tell me by mid-April if they were coming or not. And in typical #us fashion, it took some a little bit longer to confirm attendance.

I knew to give everyone a deadline that was actually earlier than I really needed because I know how some like to wait until the last minute.

Mid-April rolled around and I had my numbers. It seemed like ten were actually going to come through. What I didn’t realize when booking this cabin is that though this place sleeps 10, you have to pay an additional cleaning fee per night if you have more than four guests.


So, I sucked that up and disclosed the number of guests to the owner out of respect and common courtesy. He was extremely nice, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

After I got that out the way, I started to create the menu with the help of one of my friends. I decided that we’d grill the first day/night, have breakfast, eat leftover grill food for lunch and have tacos for dinner. We’d wrap up by having breakfast before heading back home on Monday. I estimated that it would cost about $350 for groceries. Everyone contributed at least $35 and ended up bringing food and drinks, too.

As the trip neared, I sent reminders to all the guests. We coordinated who was bringing the bluetooth speaker, board and card games, and other random, last minute needs. Due to varying starting locations and other events going on that Saturday, only a few of us carpooled together up to the mountain.

Then the weekend finally came. I made sure to arrive at least 1.5 hours before everyone else just to check out the place and to ensure that we could begin grilling and chilling as soon as the rest of the crew arrived. I took 75 N over to Blairsville which made for a 1 hour and 45 minute ride. The final hill to the cabin was extremely steep, but it wasn’t impossible for any car to handle.

Not too long after I got settled in the cabin, my folks started¬†to arrive and the festivities began. There were a lot of memories and inside jokes that came from that trip. Overall, it was an awesome birthday weekend. Now to plan for the thirtieth…