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It’s Been a While

We slipped into a Lyft and headed east. I’d never been to Krog Street Market before. My therapist mentioned it a few times along with a few others. We decided to go.

He showed me around the food hall. I noted familiar DoorDash establishments and a few I’d reserve for later. We ended up in Watchman’s, mostly because I wanted to sit at an actual table and not a countertop. Dinner consisted of ceviche, seafood stew, and steak frites.

We hadn’t had a date in a while. Like a real date that wasn’t constrained by other conflicts or work obligations. I worked six weekends in a row. I worked nights. He had surgery. I had surgery. My grandpa died. Life since November had been busy. So resuming to something that resembled our old weekends was nice.

After dinner, we headed to Queen of Cream. That’s always been our place. We sat, ate ice cream, and talked about the future. It was nice.

Life has been busy and won’t slow down anytime soon. However, I want to document the ride. So I guess this is my official return to blogging, albeit more personally than before. Enjoy.