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I Took My Mom to the Dominican Republic for Mother’s Day

What do you do when your mom’s birthday falls on Mother’s Day? You could buy her flowers, which is nice but a bit trite. So is jewelry, dinner, a massage, etc. (No shade if that’s you, though.)

But it’s mama. The rock. Your #1 homegirl. The one that sacrificed so you could be where you are today. When both holidays hit on the same day, you gotta do all out. And that’s what I did.

I took my mom to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for a 5 day long vacation.

I wanted to take her somewhere she could recharge. If anyone knows my mom, she’s always on the go. She’s the person you call when…whenever. Because she has the answers and thought of things you never even considered. She’s that person. That person needs a break sometimes.

That’s what this trip was. Her getaway from the world that constantly demands her attention.

We stayed at AlSol Luxury Village off the Cap Cana Marina. I selected this location for several reasons: affordable, all-inclusive, quiet, and beach on the property. Many of the other all-inclusive places I considered were family-friendly or really packed. I didn’t want to wake up at 5 am to get a chair by the beach. After reading plenty of reviews, I settled on a 2 bedroom condo overlooking the marina.





I debated internally about sticking with the junior suite or even the one bedroom, but I thought, this is for my mom. She deserves to come here and have all the stops pulled out for her. So, the two bedroom more than sufficed.

We arrived and were instantly greeted with glasses of champagne. Our trip had begun. We instantly fell into this routine: breakfast, walk to the beach, lunch on the beach, continue lying out by the beach, returning to the room as the sun went down, showering, and going to dinner. If the only worries in my day consist of what to eat and what to wear, I wouldn’t complain.

Speaking of what to eat, man. Listen. Whew. The food… was amazing.

Each meal came with basically unlimited options. The breakfast had the best oatmeal (steel-cut like whoa), the freshest and smoothest orange juice I’ve EVER had, and the most amazing custom omelettes.

The bar by the pool would serve some of the best fried seafood plates that weren’t available anywhere else on the resort. Pair it with a pina colada or any other frozen alcoholic beverage and I was set for the day.

Dinners were usually served at II Cielo, a restaurant on the grounds that sits right on the marina. We would end the night with a nice glass of wine and whatever delectable option that was available.

The experience was amazing. It was such a peaceful trip. I loved having the ability to customize our day. If we wanted to Zumba by the pool, we could. If we wanted to attend a margarita tasting, we could. If we wanted to leave the grounds and explore Punta Cana, we could. There was enough to do to keep you entertained, but if you wanted to simply getaway, that was available too.

The resort staff were very hospitable, yet entertaining. You barely had to lift a finger thanks to their accommodating nature. And on my mom’s actual birthday (Mother’s Day, remember), one of them took us to a private beach nearby.

cap-cana-private-beach mom-and-i-alsol-luxury-village

It was the trip to remember. I think this is the trip I compared future trips to, but none come close. I had a great time but my mom truly enjoyed it. She still talks about AlSol, the countless staff members, and the overall experience to this day. And I’m glad. It was all for her, anyway. 🙂

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victoria flip.

What do you mean you didn’t want to wake up at 5am so you could go place your towel(s) on a beach chair and then have someone probably steal it anyways?

Cause I’ve never done that. Seriously. I’ve never done that. The people who do must REALLY LOVE their beaches.

But that was an awesome gift, I wish Tyson would take me on a vacation for mother’s day. I’ve only picked up his poop at least twice a day for the last 9 years.


LOL Right. It won’t ever be that serious to me. I need my dogs to treat me to some destination. I’ll even take a free pedicure. Something, dang.


I’m on AlSol’s website now, drooling. Thanks for this. I’m glad you and your mom had a great time, though. Mine was just as happy coming here to stay with me for a week last month.


Sometimes, mama’s just need to get away.