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Pho House: Good By Me

A quick Yelp search for “pho” last week brought me to Pho House, a new pho place that opened earlier this month. I decided to try it out in hopes that I’d find a new soup place to add to my roster.

Long story short: I did.

During midday lunch time, the restaurant isn’t packed. There’s plenty of room for parties of all sizes. I noticed two semi-private dining areas which would be great for birthday or other celebratory dinners. I was seated at a longer table that could be seat several smaller parties right next to each other if the space permitted.

Once I looked at the menu, I was overwhelmed with the range of options.


I ordered the Bun Mam aka seafood gumbo. But before that, I asked the waitress what seafood was included. She mentioned shrimp, mussels, and crab meat. Sounded good to me.

Then it arrived. The aroma was…a bit nauseating.


I noticed the huge pieces of fish, too. If I knew fish would be in the gumbo, I wouldn’t have ordered it to begin with. I explained the situation to another waitress (my waitress was busy) and then the manager came over and apologized. She was sweet. Told me she could get me something else and would comp my meal. Still hungry, I ordered pho tom aka the one with the shrimp.


It was amazing. The reason I get down with pho is because it’s extremely filling yet almost endless and I end up taking food home. Any meal that can stretch is a friend of mine.

When I got my check, I realized that “comp the meal” meant not paying for the soup I didn’t eat. Thanks, boo. That’s not what that meant but I guess it is. I’ll be back anyway.

So, fall is here which means it’s going to be cool and cuffing season is in full effect. Make sure bae takes you to get a hearty bowl of pho so you won’t ask for something to eat later on that night.  And since they don’t close until midnight, the “oh, that restaurant is closed” excuse won’t work. Everyone wins.

Pho House


3606 Satellite Blvd, Duluth, GA 30096
(470) 448-4556
/ Yelp