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PURE taqueria is Aight

All the local news stations predicted that a winter storm was coming on Monday. Then the models changed and they said a freezing rain would come. And it did.

That night, I was riding around Brookhaven with my boyfriend trying to figure out what to eat. I remember seeing the PURE taqueria en route to his apartment once and since we both hadn’t been before, we decided this was the night to try something new.

When it’s raining and you’re hungry, you’ll really just stop at the first, decent place you see because there is just so much effort in getting out of the car and risking getting wet for no reason. You aren’t going to get drenched running into a 1fast food joint.

I digress.

So we went inside. We ordered our drinks (water for both) and jalapeno cheese dip to snack on as we looked over the menus.



You had to add the jalapenos into the cheese dip, which was different but pretty good. Standard dip there, so no complaints.

My boyfriend ordered the Burrito Americano with steak and pork. I ordered two Puerco al Pastor (pork) tacos and one shrimp taco. This came with rice and black beans.



I tried the pork taco and wanted it to be something it didn’t want to be. I made it through half of one taco and decided to try the shrimp taco. And of course, the shrimp taco didn’t disappoint.

So I ordered another one. But while I waited, I tried the black beans and the rice.


The rice was decent because it’s rice and it’s hard to mess up. But the black beans lacked seasoning. I mean, just look at the photo. The rice is almost gone. The beans, well…

My boyfriend felt the same about his meal too. Good, but nothing worthy of writing home about.

Before we left, I went to the restroom. The walls adorned random candid photos from what I guess was Mexico. A woman in cultural garb. A taxi. A man in a sombrero. The juxtaposition of the renovated garage and these photos sorta screamed appropriation, but I digress again.

PURE taqueria

Overall, PURE taqueria wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t good. I’d return, though. If I had friends that were in the Sandy Springs/Dunwoody/Brookhaven area and wanted to get together, I’d suggest PURE taqueria if I knew they were the Tin Lizzy type. I’m sure the drinks are better than the food and the tacos and dip are the best meals they have to offer. I’ll find out one day and let you know.

3589 Durden Drive, Atlanta, GA, GA 30319
(770) 452-7873
Website / Menu / Facebook / Twitter

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