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Slowing Down

The spring is always a busy time of the year for me. I have a lot of friends and college acquaintances that have birthdays in early April. After that, it’s my mom’s birthday and Mothers Day and then it’s my birthday.  And this year, I went to my friend’s wedding in Virginia and came back to Easter dinner with friends. There’s barely a chance to slow down and even the chillest of weekends are usually packed with one or two events that make me leave the house. It’s stressful, b.

Last weekend wasn’t any different. At the crack of dawn, I had to wake up to drive down to Atlanta to participate in Walk MS with my family.

After the walk, we drove about an hour away to my cousin’s house for a kickback. My cousin’s husband stayed back and grilled so when we arrived, hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken were ready for us to eat. Most of us sat downstairs in the basement and washed down our food with a few dranky dranks.

I couldn’t stay long though. I had to get back to my dogs. It was getting close to time to feed them and take them out again. So we left and headed back to my boyfriend’s apartment, which is where I parked my car.

As we started to get back on his side of town, I said we should stop by Queen of Cream. After ordering, I suggested we sit inside and eat instead of taking our ice cream to go like we usually do.

We sat and talked for about an hour. It was nice to just hit pause on the chaos that is life and just enjoy those that mean the most to you. Moments like that are the ones I reflect on fondly.

I crashed for 10 hours shortly after I got home. I guess I needed to recharge before the hustle and bustle began again. Looking ahead towards this weekend doesn’t seem to be another slow one either, but at least I had that moment in the Queen of Cream.