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Sourwood: New American in the Mountains

The last time I was in the Jasper/Marble Hill/Big Canoe area, there weren’t a variety of restaurants to choose from. You either went to the Mexican restaurant, Fuego, the Italian restaurant, Forno, or bought groceries and cooked yourself. (I’m not including Huddle House intentionally.)

Three years later, there are a few more restaurants in the area and Sourwood is one. Sourwood is open for lunch and dinner, so after my boyfriend and I dropped off our luggage in the cabin, we decided to find food. We arrived at Sourwood too early; they are closed between lunch and dinner. We made a reservation for 5:30, which is when they begin dinner.

We came back at 5:30 and two parties were already seated. The interior was similar to many New American restaurants we enjoy — slight ties to vintage restaurant decor, while emphasizing white space and cleaner, more modern aesthetics.

We looked over the menu, where prices for dinner entrees range from mostly the $20s and $30s.

We decided to order two drinks — the Blue-Tick Hound for me and Apple Julep for him. However, I ended up with the Apple Julep and he ended up with the Blue-Tick Hound. I love minty, light syrupy drinks so this was perfect for me. I ordered two.

The Apple Julep was so good, I had two.

We also ordered appetizers: deviled eggs and crawfish fritters. I wasn’t sure what to expect in regards to the fritters. Sometimes, restaurants try to do too much with certain entrees when the chef knows nothing about that kind of meat or cuisine. Definitely not the case here. The fritters could’ve been my entire meal, honestly. The batter was delicious and well-seasoned. The aioli sauce didn’t stray from the norm. It was a great, corned batter app. The deviled eggs fell a little short, however. There was opportunity to let the pork belly shine more, but the small bits they used barely grace the top of the egg. I’d save the money in even buying pork belly and just focus on making a better deviled egg.

These deviled eggs were cute.
I loved these fritters!

For dinner, he ordered the short ribs and I ordered the shrimp creole. His short ribs were extremely tender and fell off the fork. I’d eaten pot roast for Christmas so I was a bit burned out of that flavor. My shrimp creole was just okay. The grit cake was more gritty than I preferred. The shrimp was seasoned well, but I had to peel off the shell which wasn’t too fun. I was a bit hungry afterwards, but we ordered crawfish fritters to go (which apparently isn’t something you can do, but our waitress Sidney  was amazing).

This was just okay.

The restaurant also offers four desserts, but we decided not to order any.

I will say that for a Saturday night, the restaurant filled up around 6:30. If I were contemplating eating there, I’d definitely call to confirm a reservation. The website is pretty limited in information it provides, so reading these reviews will help a ton.

Also, this restaurant is in an area where the population is over 90% white. This brought slight hesitation on my part, because I didn’t know if we would be received well or if there would be a lot of passive-aggressive rudeness, but that was not the case. The waitstaff was very friendly and navigated through each table with the same amount of courtesy.

I’d gladly return to the restaurant the next time I’m in the area.