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Our Stay at Greenville’s Swamp Rabbit Inn

My boyfriend and I decided at the last minute to go somewhere during MLK weekend but we knew we couldn’t go too far. I had a previous engagement on Friday and his cousin had a baby shower that Sunday evening.

Where could we go that was no more than two hours away from Atlanta?

It was down to Chattanooga, TN and Greenville, SC. Due to Greenville being slightly closer from my house, we picked that as our destination.

So that began the hotel hunt. I figured the downtown area was the liveliest spot around, so somewhere around there had to be the move. Except all the hotels in downtown Greenville aren’t cheap. And by cheap, I mean under $130/nt. Hotels.com pulled up one location, however, that wasn’t a hotel. It was a bed & breakfast on the outskirts of downtown Greenville.

Swamp Rabbit Inn

Hotels.com displayed six brightly-colored, Ikea-esque rooms in a 2,600 sq. ft. house. A quick trip to TripAdvisor and the B&B’s website and social media accounts had me sold. The boo booked the room within an hour later. Our plans were set.

The owner of the B&B, Wendy, sent him an email the night before we arrived with the details of our stay. Through my Tripadvisor research, I knew that she was supposed to send some pertinent information about getting in and out of the house among other things.

Arriving at the inn

We showed up around 3 pm, an hour before check-in and were greeted by a little lady with quirky glasses, Lisa. She showed us around the inn, which is beautiful by the way, and chatted with us about the city, the inn, and our backgrounds. About fifteen or twenty minutes later, we put our bags down in the room.

The Double Sheep room

We booked one of the two rooms that had its own private bathroom. The Double Sheep room, located on the top floor, also has a sleeper couch, desk, flat-screened TV and Keurig for tea and coffee needs. (Side note: all the rooms have TVs, Keurigs, and desks.) The room has a remote controlled ceiling fan which came in handy because I prefer the breeze of a fan while I sleep.

The private bathroom was a bit tight, but nicely designed. All the towels you need are in there.

The rest of the house


Okay, so the house is nice. Really. There are two, huge shared bathrooms at the end of the hall on both floors. Unlike the private bathroom, these have shower/tub combos.

The house has two patios: one upstairs and one downstairs. I imagine sitting out there enjoying a nightcap and conversation.

The first floor has a nice kitchen/dining room/living room space that I would imagine to be great for a night in with a large party. Ya know, like a game night or group dinner and then everyone ends up in the living room space until the ‘itis kicks in.

The breakfast

What’s a B&B without breakfast, right? Well, Swamp Rabbit Inn provides you with plenty of options to make your own breakfast. Yogurt, pancakes, waffles, gluten-free options of the latter two, etc. There’s a bowl of apples and oranges for a quick snack as well. And if you’re lucky, you can grab a delicious pastry from the glass pastry stand.

So, basically… I loved it.

I’m really here for getaways that don’t require too much work. If I want to wake up and just lie around all day and watch TV, then I want to do that in peace. If I want to get something to eat, I prefer it be in walking distance or a quick Uber ride away. Swamp Rabbit Inn was all of that.

I’ve already decided that I will return, if it’s not for anything but to ride around Greenville. (Oh yea, I forgot to mention that the inn has a bike shop in the back where you can rent a bike for $15/4 hours.)

So if you’re here for a quick, low-key trip in the southeast and want to spend less than $150 a night, I highly suggest Swamp Rabbit Inn. The quaint charm of the home meshes well with the overall vibe of the city and being in a house feels so much more comfortable than staying in overpriced hotel.

Let me know if you take a trip and stay!