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The Trip to Felix’s Fish Camp Grill

I don’t go to Mobile often. The last time I traveled down there was in 2013 just to make the most out of a long weekend. But this time was different. I went to celebrate my grandma’s 80th birthday at Felix’s Fish Camp Grill.

Traveling to Mobile is always a feat because I have travelers anxiety. And on top of that, my Terrier mutt recently had surgery so she couldn’t be boarded. My German Shepherd couldn’t be boarded alone due to his anxiety so that meant a full and long car ride to Alabama.

The plan was to wake up early on Saturday, load the car, and leave. My mom made reservations for 5:00 pm CST so we were hoping to get on the road by 8:00 am to not feel rushed. Well, of course that didn’t happen.

We ended up leaving Gwinnett around 12:30 pm. Yes, chile. By the time we reached the halfway point, Montgomery, my mom called the restaurant to adjust the reservation to 6:30 pm. They happily obliged.

I’ll spare you the details of the semi-stressful ride down. We made it to Mobile by 6:45 pm and to the restaurant after 7:00 pm. And that’s when the day (or night at that point) began to turn around.

My Felix’s Fish Camp Grill Experience

By the time we reached the restaurant, I was starving. My grandpa and uncle ordered a cup of crab bisque to hold them over. They loved it. Ashleigh just wanted to get straight to the meal so I held off on appetizers.

But I got a drink, though.


After that ride, I needed one. I ordered a Praline Chrissie, which is made with praline liqueur, vodka and ice cream. BRUH.


I ordered fried oysters, fries and turnip greens for my meal. It came out shortly afterwards.

I love oysters that are fried extra hard. I love the crunch of the cornmeal with the flavor of the oyster. It just does something to me. My order was impeccable. The meal came with about 12 nice sized fried oysters, 2 corn hushpuppies and amazing sides. I’m not even big on turnip greens but the flavor made me want to slap my mama. Seriously.

Can you imagine being on the road for nearly 7 hours and eating and drinking the 100 emoji personified? That was me.

And not only was the food great, but the service was amazing too. Our waitress, Kiersten, treated us as if we were family. She was extremely courteous, prompt, and pleasant. Definitely sealed our experience.

My mom and I joked about returning to the restaurant the next day for more seafood before riding back home. We didn’t quite make it, but I know I want to come back whenever I make another trip to Mobile.

What’s Good? Felix’s Fish Camp Grill has a super flexible reservation policy, which is great for last minute changes. The service is outstanding. The food and drinks were extremely affordable given the fact they offer high quality seafood dishes. The view in the daytime would allow you to take in the beauty that is the Mobile Bay. The restrooms were clean, too. I’d definitely recommend Felix’s Fish Camp Grill for a casual lunch or a celebratory dining experience.

Let me know if you make your way down there and experience this greatness.

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Your food looks amazing! I’ve actually never been to Mobile before, but if I ever get to I’ll check this place out!


Thank you! Yes, if you ever venture to the south of the state, you’ll need to try their seafood. SO good!


My daughter and I love love love fried oysters. I just emailed her to say ‘we gotta go.’


That’d be a nice road trip!