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Agave Juice Bar: Healthy Drinks in Norcross

I found Agave Juice Bar when I took an alternate way home one day. It was nestled in this shopping center next to a Super Mercado Jalisco. Instead of staying on the road, I turned and headed towards the restaurant.

Inside Agave Juice Bar

The interior is modern and clean, a sign that the juice bar hasn’t been around too long. If I remember correctly, I was told that they opened late last year. The restaurant isn’t too big, but a good size if you want to sit with a small group and enjoy a juice or a smoothie bowl.

Agave Juice Bar has enough inside seating for about 8, maybe 10 people max.

The staff there is really pleasant, too. One of the smoothie baristas (is that even a real term) was wearing a Falcons hoodie when I came in, so I knew that this place was legit.

I ordered the Agave Blanco, a smoothie that has an almond milk base with dates, cinnamon, coconut seeds, and a lot of other good tasting stuff. I tried waiting until I got home to drink it, but I couldn’t. It was good — mildly sweet, but filling.

The Agave Blanco in my cup holder. Before I went to town.

I came back for another one the next morning.

My day two of the Agave Blanco.

Then a smoothie bowl later in the week. Smoothie bowls still haven’t made their way throughout the burbs of Gwinnett as I would’ve liked, so this is a win in itself.

And an Agave Azul smoothie too. This was sweeter than its sister smoothie, but made for a nice morning snack.

The Agave Azul.

As I’ve been embracing a healthier lifestyle and palate, I was really glad to find a solid smoothie bar (that appears to be minority-owned) within 10 minutes from my job. The prices are about $10 and under, so frequent trips can add up, however you have to pay for health one way or another. I’ll gladly charge mine to credit here.

Agave Juice Bar

2175 Beaver Ruin Rd, Suite 111, Norcross, GA 30071
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