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Alma Cocina: Mexican Chic That You’re Not Missing Out On

One of my good friend’s treated me to a night at Alma Cocina to celebrate my new job earlier this year. We decided to go somewhere we hadn’t been before and landed at this place.

We arrived at the same time as two other parties. We all walked past the bar to where you’re supposed to wait to be seated (which is lowkey weird because it’s really not that obvious upon entering the restaurant). When the waitress finally came to address us, she addressed everyone that arrived after us. So, that was offense one.

After everyone else was seated, we were finally seated in a booth towards the front of the restaurant. Our waitress was this New York transplant that had recently relocated to Georgia. She seemed to be personable. Cool. We began to peruse our menus as our waitress went to fetch our drinks.


I think it was a good minute before she came back again. That was the general theme of the night. An MIA waitress that would pop up occasionally and try to be real down, but then go away for 30 minutes at a time. Thank goodness there’s no DFACS equivalent for waitstaff.

In better news, I remember ordering the Patterson’s Holiday which was really tasty, sweet drink.


This was probably the best thing of the entire experience. I ordered the Masa Fried Shrimp tacos with black beans and rice. I ended up picking out the shrimp and eating it by itself.


It’s a shame when the fried shrimp tacos don’t come through, but it happens. The black beans were bland and the most exciting thing about the rice was its color. Overall, it wasn’t worth it.

I think we saw our waitress a max of 3 times within our 2 hour dining experience. Not a good look. With the blah meal and the poor service, I can say I don’t have a strong desire to return here anytime soon. But you know, I went through this so you didn’t have to. And for that, I’ll take the L.

Alma Cocina


191 Peachtree Street NE, Downtown, Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 968-9662
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