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Break-ups and Brunch: Going to Egg Harbor Cafe with My Ex

I cried a lot that week. Imagine it: one day, I’m receiving an offer for a new job and the next, my three-months-and-some-change relationship is ceasing to exist. Amazing how quickly life changes.

For a day, I was brokenhearted and forlorn. I didn’t realize how he quickly cemented himself into my life and his absence became more and more apparent with every passing second. Then we talked. And like that, I just became brokenhearted: we decided to remain friends.

He also asked to take me to brunch to celebrate the new gig. Sure, yea. That’s fine, is probably something I thought as I agreed to it.

So we went. He picked me up on Saturday and we ventured to the Johns Creek location of Egg Harbor Cafe. There was a wait, of course, as there are waits at every breakfast/brunch place in Atlanta between the hours of 11 am and 1 pm. So we waited. Waiting meant engaging in not-so-small talk for about 20 minutes until the buzzer buzzed and we found our table.

The waiter, a young guy with a great personality introduced himself. We ordered drinks, separately of course. Strawberry orange juice and water for both.


More not-so-small talk while we waited on our meals. My mind was still adjusting to our new relationship status but still finding comfort in something and someone familiar.

The food came. He ordered a pot roast sandwich, side salad, and something else. I ordered a chili omelette, one slice of cinnamon roll french toast, and potatoes. This is unlike anything I’d ever order, especially together, but I guess I wasn’t quite myself then.



The omelette was actually good. Nothing I’d probably order again, but surprisingly satisfactory. My cinnamon roll was too. Maybe a bit too sweet, but one was enough. I couldn’t tolerate an entire plate of sugar. The potatoes weren’t too memorable, but they’re breakfast potatoes so they aren’t really supposed to be.

He enjoyed his meal too.

We continued to eat, talk, and move forward like two mature adults. The food was good, the conversation didn’t disappoint, and I’m content in this relationship. Our romantic relationship was founded on an actual friendship, so the absence of one shouldn’t mean the absence of both. This works.

So would I return to Egg Harbor Cafe? Of course. But the next time would have to be in better circumstances.

Egg Harbor Cafe

0270 Medlock Bridge Parkway, Johns Creek, GA 30022 | (770) 807-8018

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