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Best Brunch in ATL: Rize Artisan Pizza + Salads

I love brunch. My friends love brunch. Millennials love brunch. Because of this, I’m beginning a brunch series where I go to different restaurants (mostly in and around Atlanta) that offer brunch and I come back here to tell you all about it. This means I get to the point and tell you about the food, the drinks, their pricing and the overall vibe. When on Instagram and Twitter, search for the hashtag #BestBrunchATL to see my posts as well.

Recently, I had the privilege to visit Rize Artisan Pizza + Salads. Their Atlanta location just began offering brunch so I was excited to see how a pizza place could make brunch a thing.

The Food

What I ate: I ordered the carne brasata pizza, a large basket of biscuits, and The Highland breakfast sandwich. My boyfriend ordered the bacon, egg, & cheese pizza and the roasted vegetable frittata.

I loved the carne brasata pizza. The braised beef, chili sauce, and other ingredients gave it the taste of a good Tex Mex bowl on dough.

The Carne Brasata pizza

My boyfriend’s pizza was good too. I think traditional breakfast lovers would appreciate the elements of your average breakfast plate on a pizza. Oh, and the fact that the pizzas come out in a personal size makes them big enough to take some home later if your appetite isn’t about that life.

The Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Pizza

The biscuits were extremely flaky. They come with a fig butter and a maple bacon jam. I liked both as I generally like sweet flavors on biscuits. The breakfast sandwiches and frittatas come with a biscuit, so you can grab a few more if you want.

Large basket of biscuits from Rize

I wasn’t really a big fan of the Highland breakfast sandwich because of the fried egg, but the frittata reminded me of this sausage egg casserole my grandma makes.

The Highland breakfast sandwich
The breakfast roasted vegetable frittata

What I’d order the next time: I’d definitely order another carne brasata pizza with a small basket of biscuits.

What all can you order? You can order from the brunch menu, which offers two breakfast pizzas, two frittatas, and two breakfast sandwiches as well as anything else from the general menu excluding small plates and pasta.

Overall food price range: The food on the brunch menu ranges from $3-10.

The Drinks

What I drank: I ordered a red sangria and a white sangria. My boyfriend ordered a mimosa. The drinks were good, but the ice waters them down a bit which makes you drink them faster than normal to preserve the taste.

A mimosa, the red sangria, and the white sangria

What I’d drink next time: I’d stick to the red sangria. Both are great choices though. I’d also like to try the Agave Vanilla Cream soda.

What are other drinks you can order? Rize has craft beverages such as beers, sodas, teas and lemonade as well as wine. You can order the sangria any time.

How much are the mimosas? Individual glasses are $5 or you can purchase a carafe for $20.

Overall drink price range: If you include all of their beverages, the prices range from $2.50 to $7 a glass.

The Restaurant

Describe the vibe: I don’t think people are aware that brunch occurs here so it’s really open and spacious. I arrived around 1:00 pm and there were two parties in the restaurant then. As I left around 3:00ish, a few more came in but it was still relatively empty. If you were planning a large, celebratory brunch, you’d have more than enough room and space. The aesthetic is very modern and steel. Great lighting for your Instagram videos and snaps because of the large pane windows that surround the perimeter.

Part of the interior of Rize.

Does the restaurant have any outdoor seating? Yes and plenty of it. Part of the patio is partially covered, too.

Area: Rize Artisan Pizza + Salads is located in the Poncey-Highland neighborhood of Atlanta.

Brunch time: Brunch is on Sundays from 11 am until 2 pm.

So, how was brunch?

I honestly loved it. I wouldn’t have ever thought about pizza for brunch, but it really fits the brand of the restaurant. The owner of Rize wanted to create an upscale pizza restaurant. So gourmet pizza choices with a glass of sangria makes perfect sense for brunch. I like how this is still a hidden gem so you wouldn’t have to deal with typical brunch crowds that are found in the more buzzed about areas. The service and quality of the food were impeccable. I would gladly come back to celebrate a birthday, promotion, or just to enjoy the company of friends while enjoying delicious food. Plus, the complimentary 2 hour parking is a plus.

Rize Artisan Pizza + Salads

675 North Highland Ave Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30306
Brunch Menu / Website

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Disclosure: Our meals were compensated in exchange for writing this blog post. All opinions and commentary are mine alone.