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Delicious Green Tea Varieties that Energize My Mornings

I have to drink a cup of tea as I start my work day. To be specific, it’s usually a cup of green tea. Why? Well, beyond the flavor, green tea has a wealth of benefits, such as:

Last year, I began to explore more tea flavors overall and fell in love with several that have a green tea base. Each tea has its own unique taste and added benefits, too.  Tea heads should look up the following green teas and see for themselves.


Genmaicha is also knows as green tea with brown rice. This is definitely one of my favorites because of the aroma the sachet produces once it hits the hot water is just so…unique and oddly refreshing. I usually sweeten it by adding sugar or honey, but I’m sure you can appreciate it completely without any additives. It used to be the poor Japanese man’s tea, but has grown to become a favorite of many.

Benefits of genmaicha

Green tea kombucha

Yogi makes one of my favorite tea flavors, green tea kombucha. Green tea kombucha is essentially a fermented version of green tea, which explains why it tastes so fruity compared to your standard green tea.

Benefits of green tea kombucha

  • Boosts immunity to illness/disease (WebMD)
  • Benefits digestion due to probiotics (WebMD)

Jasmine tea

If I’ve run out of my genmaicha or green tea kombucha, I usually turn to jasmine tea. Jasmine tea has Chinese origins and is used as the tea you use when guests come to your home. I often pair jasmine tea with a fruity tea but it is good alone.

Benefits of jasmine tea

Needless to say, drinking green tea in the morning is more than just the kick I need to start the day. Green tea and all of its varieties offer an endless amount of perks. I know that consuming green tea isn’t the end-all to a healthy lifestyle, but it is definitely the start and a great addition.