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Eating in Greenville

So after my boyfriend and I dropped off our luggage at Swamp Rabbit Inn, we headed out on foot to find food. We hadn’t eaten all day so we were famished. Lisa at the Inn told us that it was Greenville Restaurant Week, so we were excited to see what that was all about.

We walked down S Main St. and headed towards the center of downtown Greenville. Eventually, I saw a sign that read “Caribbean” something or other so I stopped him and insisted we go inside. So we did.

Chicora Alley

To be honest, the only reason I perked up was because I was surprised to see a Caribbean restaurant in downtown Greenville. Greenville is really white in terms of diversity. It wasn’t a big deal or anything, but somewhat noticeable.

When we walked inside Chicora Alley, the first thing I noticed was that there weren’t any minorities inside. Like, none. Not even the employees. However, that didn’t deter our empty stomachs.

We sat down and as I began to flip through the menu, I realized that this was not a Caribbean restaurant at all. The menu have quesadillas, nachos, and burgers. A lot of burgers. No, wait, I forgot. They have a Jamaican Me Crazy burger, crab cakes, and “jerked” entrees.

Needless to say, we both ordered burgers. I think he ordered the Alley Burger and I got the All American.


Don’t get me wrong. The burger and fries were pretty good. The boo agreed. It just wasn’t what I was hoping to eat.

The overall experience was a bit odd too. We received a few passive aggressive stares while we were there too, which wasn’t super comforting but again, we were hungry so we just dealt with it. And who knows, maybe they were staring at the television behind us. Shrug. Our waitress was nice, though!

After we left, we began our pursuit for sweets. My boyfriend and I are both dessert aficionados, so this was naturally our next stop.

Spill the Beans

Almost a two minute walk away from Chicora Alley was this cute coffeeshop called Spill the Beans. Well actually, it’s a coffeeshop + ice cream/yogurt spot. That meant that I got extremely overwhelmed with options and ordered what I knew and loved best—chai tea latte.

spill-the-beans-chai-latteI truly appreciate thick, creamy chai tea lattes. Seriously. I prefer half and half, whole milk, or 2% to base my chai. Spill the Beans got it right.

He ordered a cookies and cream milkshake. He liked his shake and I’ll admit, the sip was quite on point.


We took our drinks to go and walked along Falls Park on the Reedy, a park/trail that surrounds and hovers over the Reedy River. It started to get dark during our stroll, so we headed back in.

To be honest, our late lunch and snack/dessert kept us full for a while. And by a while, I mean that around 9:45 o’clock that night, we decided to find dinner. Because Restaurant Week, remember?

Yea, well, apparently Greenville is somewhat of a sleeper town because most of the kitchens in the area shut down at 10, despite staying open until 11, 12, or later.

We walked through most of downtown Greenville in search of dinner. Eventually, we found a sushi place not too far from the inn.

Purple International Bistro & Sushi

Thank goodness this place was open. There were about four other patrons inside when we were seated. However, because we arrived an hour before closing time, only the sushi and sashimi options were available. No biggie to ya girl because she enjoys both.

purple-international-bistro-sushi-sashimiI just wanted something with a lot of protein so I opted for the salmon sashimi. My boyfriend ordered salmon and eel sushi rolls. Though it felt like a late night snack, it was another great meal in Greenville.


Overall, I’d say our dining experience in Greenville was pretty satisfactory. I’d rate it a solid B. This was a great test run of the city and I’m curious to see where our taste buds take us when we return.

xo, Ashleigh

P.S. Please let me know if you have any favorite restaurants in Greenville. I’d love to know. 🙂

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