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Edee’s Place BBQ: IT’S LIT

Note 4/24/17: This post was written before Edee’s Place BBQ relocated to Liam Ave. All commentary on food remains the same.

We’re in the early stages of barbecue season. Honestly, we’re about three weekends out from when nearly every grill in America is revved up. With that being said, I was a bit interested when I saw this place come across my Discover tab within the Yelp app. I peeped the stand’s hours and decided to make this my lunch mission.

Edee’s Place BBQ is located next to the Mini Mart on Dacula Harbins Road. Literally, you have to park in the gas station parking lot.


There were 4 people ahead of me. As I waited, I skimmed through the menu that’s located on a dry erase board behind the window screen.


I ordered a dinner plate of ribs with cole slaw and baked beans. This was also an early Mother’s Day-esque treat for my mom, so I got her a plate of ribs, green beans and baked beans. Also asked for chocolate cake and key lime cake to go.

Just want to note that around 1 o’clock, an hour after the stand opened, they had already run out of macaroni and cheese and lemon pound cake. But the owner, Edmund Nelson, told me that if you call in advance, they can set aside food for you. With that being said, add this number to your phone: 678-861-3215. Add several flame emojis when you save it, thanks.

After taking my order, he went behind the trailer and began to make magic. About 10-15 minutes later, he came out with the food. He asked what type of sauce did I want on the ribs, mild or hot. I asked for mild on both. The meal costed $34. Not bad, in my opinion.

When I got home, it went down.





Beautiful, right?

I took a bite of the baked beans first and basically went to a happy place. The beans were marinated in this molasses-y, brown sugary syrup. I’m not big on baked beans, but this would be my go to side.

I don’t know why I ordered cole slaw but I did. It was okay. Not heavy in slaw sauce or anything. Just, you know, cole slaw.

But these ribs. Baby, these ribs. These ribs were fall-off-the-bone moist. The sauce was almost as good as my granddaddy’s. If it were up to me, I’d still be eating these ribs. SO good. SO SO good.

I took two bites from each of the cakes and they were satisfying too. Extremely moist. The icing was not too sweet, but just right. Goldilocks-style.

I texted my mom afterwards and we mutually agreed that the food was worth the 15 minute drive.

Just so you know, I will be returning. I love supporting Black-owned businesses but this one was just worth the investment.

Update 4/24/2017: Since writing this, Edee’s Place BBQ now has a brick-and-mortar located here: 2300 Liam Ave Ste. 105, Dacula, GA 30019.

Edee’s Place BBQ

2300 Liam Ave Ste. 105, Dacula, GA 30019