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Golden Seven Tried to Take My Man

Golden Seven is the girl that was your best friend in the ninth grade until she told Jordan, your crush at the time, that you thought he was ugly and kissed him at the bus stop. She apologized, but only because you confronted her and y’all haven’t been the same since. That basically ended your friendship and you had to spend the last three-and-a-half years of high school grumbling and rolling your eyes whenever you saw her.

You’re reminded of this when you ran into her recently. She was heading to the parking lot at the same time you were and what do you know, she works in your building too. You smiled as you told her bye, but something deep down didn’t quite sit right. You still don’t trust her. Mind you, this was thirteen years ago. You don’t care, though.

Then, when you get home, you notice that you have a friend request on Facebook. It’s her. You accept it two days later after realizing that you might run into her again and it might make for awkward elevator time. And the next day, you do. Y’all make small talk and plans for lunch. Lunch wasn’t bad and you remember why y’all were friends all those years ago. You decide to give this another go, but cautiously.

That’s basically my relationship with Golden Seven. But instead of trying to take my man, they gave me food with hair in it and told me to drive 25 minutes back to show them so I could get a partial refund.

Nah, sis.

I vowed off Golden Seven at that point. No more thai tea. No more shrimp pad thai. No more banana spring rolls.

Fast forward a year later. I accept a position at a job that’s around the corner from, you guessed it, Golden Seven. My former bestie. I tried to go about as if I could get food from other restaurants, and I could, but one day, I was hungry. And Golden Seven was close by. So… I got shrimp fried rice. My old fave.




Looks good, right? This used to be my go to meal before we fell out I stopped coming. Now, the memory of betrayal stained the dish.

It just ain’t the same.

I returned once more since then and I know I’ll be back again. I mean, it is close. But deep down, I know what it is. It’s the Jordan moment all over again.

So visit at your own discretion friends. The food can be amazing. Just… be careful.

Golden Seven


2148 Duluth Hwy, GA 30097
(770) 495-5999

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victoria flip.

girl. forget them. & let’s go get us some Korean one day.


Let’s do it. I’ve been craving Korean BBQ tbh.

victoria flip.

I’m always craving it, because Korean…

Also, you should go claim your blog on bloglovin – https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/forkcetious-gwinnett-metro-atlanta-restaurant-14879875