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Graft: Nah

After not being able to go the cabin with me for my birthday, one of my best friends offered to take me to dinner so we could catch up. Since neither one of us had been to Graft before, we decided to eat there.

We both arrived around 7 pm on a Thursday in early June. There weren’t a lot of customers—maybe 6-8 parties total, including those sitting outside on the side patio. Good deal.

Our waitress came shortly after we sat down and told us about the specials for the day. After glancing over the menu for a bit, we decided on a pizzette appetizer (pizza flatbread) and placed our entree orders too—I wanted the Darby Farms hog dinner and my friend wanted their organic chicken dinner.


The pizzette was okay. Not horrible, but nothing spectacular.

Shortly after the appetizer came out, a party of four was seated at the table behind us. About 20 minutes later, well after we’d finished our pizzette and were just sitting there waiting on our meals, the table behind us received their dinner. The waitress and who I assume to be the owner decided to chat it up with them real cute like. My friend and I looked at each other quizzically. OH, OKAY. Our waitress must have felt our frustration and curiosity as she popped up out of no where to assure us that our food should be out shortly.

Yea, no. Our food took another 20-25 minutes to arrive.

“The guy behind you ordered the same thing you did,” my friend noticed.

Funny to ya girl.



To make matters worse, the food was very meh. Bland is an understatement. The smudge of sauce to blend with your meal is not enough for the entire plate. I asked the waitress for more but she never delivered.

graft-cheese-gritsThank goodness for the cheese grits, though.

We decided not to get dessert because we didn’t know if we’d get it this year.

Now listen, I understand that appetizers usually delay the meal, but how in the world can four dinners be created within 20 minutes when it took us about an hour to get ours?

Horrible service is never acceptable when the restaurants are empty. The determining factor between me returning and chucking the deuces for good is the quality of the meal. And Graft, though they brag on their farm-to-table menu, dropped the ball hard.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one with bad service either. Super disappointing.

If you make the trip to Graft, don’t be surprised if something similar happens to you. But you won’t catch me returning here. Nah.



516 Grayson Parkway, Grayson, GA 30017
(770) 338-9001
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