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What to Eat and Drink at Grub Burger Bar

I was recently invited to Grub Burger Bar off Briarcliff Rd. to try a sample of their entire menu so I invited a few friends and my boyfriend to come try it out with me.

Grub Burger Bar is a casual eatery that started in Texas about five years ago. They create unique burgers, meals, and drinks that aren’t usually found in your standard burger bar. I mean, I grew up eating Fuddruckers and Max & Erma burgers and evolved into burgers from Burger21 and Fred’s Meat and Bread. I had my expectations and I can honestly say that Grub Burger Bar exceeded them. Here are a few of my favorites from that night:

Wild Caught Salmon Burger

The Wild Caught Salmon Burger

I have been places where the seafood burger was a weird patty of seafood bits and other stuff. I never could figure out what the other stuff was, even as I tried to digest it. This burger was nothing like that. The menu describes it as “hand-chopped wild caught salmon and ancho chili burger, avocado, black bean & charred corn medley, tequila lime aioli & fresh cilantro on a white bun.” You need a good, moist patty like this one to enjoy anything that has avocado in it. This was my favorite burger of the night.

Five Dollar Rita

Five Dollar Rita

This margarita was good. I like a sweet margarita and the orange liqueur in this baby gave me what I wanted. And if you can tell, the glass leans intentionally. That could cause a problem for anyone that consumes too many of these, but it adds to the overall Grub Burger experience.


Sweets aka sweet potato fries

I don’t like sweet potato fries. It was a trend that popped off about five years ago that won’t die. Yea, the thought of sweet french fries was cute for six months, but here we are. I will say that the magic dust that these fries have give it the advantage of not being your standard sweet potato fries. There is something intriguing about that seasoning that fry fans will appreciate.

Bourbon + Caramel Boozy Shake

Bourbon + Caramel Milkshake

Two things about this shake: it’s lactose-free and is eggnog-adjacent. So, I have issues with dairy. It makes me hurt and I hate how I feel after I consume a lot of it. When I was told that all of their shakes are made with coconut milk, I rejoiced. The hint of bourbon with the caramel gives a holiday, wintery taste. Imagine doctoring up a store bought egg nog for a holiday party. Then drink the cousin version of that. That’s exactly what this was like.

California Chicken Bowl

California Chicken Bowl

I’m always weary about grilled chicken, but this bowl was good. I’m enjoying more vegetables, leafy greens, and good sources of protein now so I could easily imagine myself grabbing this bowl for lunch or dinner. Though filling, it is not too heavy so you don’t feel crappy later. Also, it’s portioned well enough that you can turn this into two meals.

It was hard narrowing it down to my top five favorites from Grub Burger Bar. This really isn’t your average burger place. You get sauces, breads, and other ingredients that are freshly made inside the restaurant. You can find a meal to satisfy any palate. If you want to cheat, enjoy a boozy shake with your burger and fries. If you want to stick with your regimen, get a bowl or a salad. I love it because as I transition into better, smarter choices to eat, Grub Burger Bar has several items I could enjoy without feeling guilty afterwards. A win!

Grub Burger Bar

2470 Briarcliff Road | Suite 47 | Atlanta, GA 30329
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Disclaimer: My experience at Grub Burger Bar was compensated in exchange for this article and respective social media posts. All opinions are mine alone and are not influenced by Grub Burger Bar in any way.