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Harmony Vegetarian Chinese: When Imitation Beats the Real Thing

Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC. Living Single and Friends. Kim Kardashian West and Naya Rivera.

In a world of Futures, be Desiigner… said no one ever.

Because the imitation is never better than the original. Even if the imitation gains more success and notoriety than its muse, it’ll always be the copy cat. Forever the SECOND comment on Facebook and carrying that shame for eternity. How dreadful.

Except this one time. Let’s go back four or five years. A close family friend, Ms. Donna, invited my mom and I to this Chinese restaurant.

I remember looking at the menu and thinking, “Whachu mean that’s not chicken?”

“It tastes just like chicken though,” she assured me.

As a chicken aficionado (back then), I was mad hesitant and leary when I ordered my sesame chicken. But I went ahead anyway.

We started off the meal with spring rolls and curry pockets. Spring rolls are pretty much the same anywhere, even at a vegetarian restaurant. But this curry pocket thing? My word.



See, at that point, I hadn’t tried, nor heard of samosas. So I fell in love with these little fried curry shells. Dip it in some duck sauce and let your eyes roll to the back of your head in bliss.

Then the “chicken” came out.




(Ignore the fact that these photos obviously weren’t taken in the restaurant but are in a to-go container; that’s not the point!)

When I took a bite, I was very surprised to taste something that was so similar to the taste of chicken. It was as if Ditto cloned chicken except there weren’t any beady eyes to verify this theory.

This fake, tofu chicken was actually good.

Ms. Donna was right.

Fast forward back to 2016, this is the only chicken I’ll actually eat (as you can tell my the obvious to-go packaging in the photos—it was dinner tonight). When all other chicken dishes taste rubbery and have this odor, the imitation chicken from Harmony Vegetarian Chinese does not.

It’s the best of both worlds, no R. Kelly.

Take someone there like Ms. Donna took me. Expand their horizons. Tell them I told you about it and then tell me how that went.

Harmony Vegetarian Chinese Restaurant

4897 Buford Hwy, Chamblee, GA 30341
(770) 457-7288
Website / Yelp

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