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Our 4th of July Barbecue Prep

My boyfriend is feeling festive. He’s perfected a few barbecue recipes and wants to show off. I can’t be mad; it’s his thing. Plus, he intends on showing off a few vegan and vegetarian options for folks like me. So we’re throwing a 4th of July kickback.

Whenever we host an event, he handles the supplies and I usually manage logistics. I design the flyer, pass it along and began sending it out to guests. For this occasion, I used Paperless Post. I subscribed to their emails a while ago and noticed that they have a new invite service — Flyer. It’s this digital flyer where I chose from a few templates, colors, and font sizes, threw on a gif and slapped some text on it. It instantly became lit, for the culture, and other hip phrases. But most importantly, it oozed *us*. My cousin said she could tell that I put it together because the copy sounded like something I’d say.

I sent the invite link over to Ed and, he was impressed, of course. He passed it on to his folks and I to mine. Then we waited for the RSVPs to roll in. I refreshed the cookout’s flyer setting page to see who confirmed and who didn’t. Flyer doesn’t have notifications enabled for RSVPs, which was a noted flaw, but it encouraged me to stay logged in and check the page frequently.

Ed and I began to plot over the grocery list. We debated briefly over assigning stuff to bring vs. just letting people make their own decisions. The latter won, but we also decided to follow-up with the guests later to let them know who is bringing what and more details regarding the food, drink, and event overall. Flyer allows for the host to copy the email addresses from all the confirmed and denied guests into their own inboxes and send out additional communications that way. I preemptively thought about thanking everyone that came out later with personalized e-cards afterwards.

A selection of thank you cards on the site.

Now that the invites have been sent out, we just have to continue finalizing event deets between ourselves so we can ensure that this is a great cookout. I’m sure it will be.


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Paperless Post in exchange for a published review. All thoughts and commentary are completely mine and not influenced by the brand whatsoever.