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A Pasta-Making Date Night at Ponce City Market

My boyfriend and I had a pasta making date last month. Though it was a fun experience, it allowed me to view him in several settings and see how he responded to each one.

Going to the movies is easy. Going to dinner can be a breeze too. But when you have to learn how to do something and then do it? Things can go awry.

Bellina Alimentari hosted a pasta making class at Ponce City Market on the Beltline last month and I scooped up two tickets for us to attend. I thought that this would make for a great date night.

We arrived right on time of the event because traffic was a beast that day. A few classmates were there but the majority were still MIA. Class would be pushed back a little bit and the instructors encouraged us to walk around and get a drink. I looked to him to see what he wanted to do. Instead of being frustrated that the event wasn’t going to start on time, he just smiled. The wait wasn’t a bother so we decided to seize the opportunity to go to The Mercury and get a drink.


We made it back to the Beltline right after class began so we had to briefly play catch up. He remained pleasant as we made the “volcano” with the flour and eggs. Occasionally, the instructor would come by and provide feedback based on the state of our pasta. Both of us were struggling a bit so watching him take instruction was… well, nice. He’s an awesome boyfriend (by far the best IMO) and extremely intelligent. Yet, he couldn’t quite knead the flour for the pasta right and it didn’t bother him. He was going to get it eventually and he did.

The night went on for another 30 or so minutes as everyone began to run their flour through the pasta maker. After we finished making our pasta, we ran downstairs and had dinner at H&F Burger.

The pasta making date night was a success. It not only allowed me to spend time with my boo during the work week, it also let me see how he handles minor inconveniences and instruction. Moments like this could foreshadow future issues but thank goodness that wasn’t the case here.

If you’re looking for something to do with your s/o, a group of friends, or just to get out the house, I’d suggest signing up for a Bellina Alimentari class. The classes are affordable and most of them allow you to eat and learn. Enjoy!