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RichWich: It Is What It Is

No one ever talks about when good enough will do. We’re often taught to “strive for the best” and be “twice as good” as others. We shouldn’t settle for average. But you know what? Sometimes just okay is right in front of you and ready when you’re ready so you take what you can get.

That’s how I’d basically sum up RichWich: nothing spectacular but nothing revolting, either.

Located in a Publix shopping center close to 85.

I probably stopped by here about five times when I worked in Duluth. If I wanted something quick, fried, or got to the point of hunger where I just wanted to eat something, I’d stop here. It basically wasn’t the first on my list, but also wasn’t the last.

I think the menu initially drew me to RichWich. Mixing Korean flavors with American Deli-like fried cuisine enticed me. A bulgogi bap? Philly cheesesteaks? Fried whiting? Okay, you’re doing a lot and yet, I fell for it.

My first trip to the restaurant (which is set up like a to-go spot) is when I ordered a Philly and fries. I noticed the seasoning salt shaker by the drink dispenser and I was impressed. How basic, right? My food came out in less than 10 minutes, which was the perfect time to scroll my timeline and sip on the iced tea. The Philly was decent and my fries didn’t taste of freezer burn. I would return.

Issa fish plate

And I did. The next time, I ordered a fried whiting plate with fries. Again, the food came out within 10 minutes, but this time, the fries had an odd taste. The whiting was fried a little crispy which is my kind of preparation, but the fries concerned me. I focused on the fish with a little bit of sorrow in my heart.

Traitor fries

I would return again. Because when you can predict how something will go, sometimes you just go with it instead of searching for something better. And you only get an hour to waste on a midday break so hey, N. Brown Rd. was only <7 minutes away.

It is what it is.


1030 Old Peachtree Rd, Ste 206, Lawrenceville, Georgia 30043
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