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The Perks of Traveling with Friends

Last May, I flew to Miami with two of my closest friends. I wanted a cheap birthday trip and hadn’t traveled to South Beach in over four years, so I figured it was the perfect way to ring in 28. And I was right, but it wasn’t the location that made my birthday; it was my girls.

Traveling with your friends is probably the best thing for any friendship. Whether it’s in state or to another country, I believe everyone should experience a vacation with their friends. The following reasons are why everyone should travel with their friends:

Cheaper travel

If everyone splits the cost of a hotel room or Uber ride, you’re saving money during your getaway. Going on vacations with your homies is an easy way to cut down the costs of travel. The more friends, the cheaper it gets!

Safety and accountability

If one of my friends disappeared for too long to the bathroom or the hotel convenience store, I always went looking for her. Her phone would immediately be blown up until she resurfaced. Going on a trip with a group of friends means going on a trip with security. Good homegirls and homeboys won’t let you vanish for too long.

Shared experiences

When you travel, you’re opening yourself up to new cultures, foods, and adventure. Going through these different escapades with your best pals can bring y’all closer together. Imagine the three of you trying mofongo for the first time in San Juan or cave diving in Yucatan—the memory will remain with all of you for a lifetime.

Vacationing with your friends is seriously a great time if the right people are in the mix. The trip will be cheaper, safer and the overall experience will be heightened just because you shared the moment with your homies. For those that are planning their upcoming travel plans for the year, think about going with a friend or two. You’ll enjoy it!