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UberEATS Brought Me Lunch

Work has been running at full steam ever since we returned from winter vacation. It’s been so busy that many days, I work through lunch.

Last Friday was no exception.

I remembered a coworker mentioning that the mobile-based taxi company Uber also delivered food. I decided to see what that was about since I was in no mood to venture through Midtown.

I opened up the app to see about five or six options available. Most were chicken-based, so I opted for a stack burger and homemade chips from Flip Burger. The delivery fee was quite low–$1.65–so I figured it was worth testing.

I placed my order at 11:52 am. By 11:55 am, three minutes later, I had my burger.

Like the requesting a ride from Uber, I was able to view and locate my driver, Martha. She pulled around to the back of my building and I was able to identify her as her car adorned an “UberEATS” decal on the door.

She asked me which order was mine and within seconds, I was on my way upstairs.

My food was packaged in a brown UberEats bag. Inside, my burger was in an insulated foil bag. My chips were in a paper bag.

I’m not a huge fan of homemade potato chips, so they sufficed. I was more interested in the burger though.

I took a bite and was instantly intrigued. I mean, for one, the burger was still warm. And it had a good flavor.


I’d never eaten from Flip Burger before and I’m sure if I were there, I wouldn’t have chosen the Stack burger. But it was good. Good enough to make me want to go to the restaurant and see what else they have going on.

Needless to say, my experience with UberEATS was satisfying. I received a warm lunch in less than five minutes and didn’t have to pay more than $15.00 to do so.


The meal is affordable thanks to a low delivery fee and entree prices that aren’t jacked up. This is a great option for those that want a restaurant meal without leaving the house or office. Though UberEATS is only available in certain metro areas and between 11-2 Monday through Friday, it’s worth trying. Maybe you can treat yourself around pay day. If you use code EATSX52 to get $5 off your next two meals, you won’t have to wait until then.

As usual, let me know how your UberEATS experience fared. I’d love to hear.

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Reginia Cordell

I would certainly use this service. There are some days that I truly do not want to leave the house.


It’s such a treat to be able to pull up the Uber app, pick whatever you want to eat, and it’s there less than 10 minutes later. And you don’t have to tip. It’s great.

Chris Barr
Chris Barr

Not bad,gotta try!

Chris Barr
Chris Barr

It has quick service? Or is it depending on your location?


I believe it depends on your location, however, the two times I used it, my food came in less than 7 minutes. Less than 5 the first time.