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We went There (There Brookhaven, that is)

The weekend TLOP came out, one of my best friends and I wanted to see if the lunch at There Brookhaven was good. (The only reason why I remember that this was the weekend TLOP came out is because that’s what we were listening to on the way over.)
We arrived around 1:45 pm. The gastropub was quite empty (maybe 15 people were in the entire establishment, including the waiter and bartender). Three women sat on the porch enjoying what I assume was brunch and mimosas, because millennials love brunch and mimosas. However, brunch ends at 2 pm. And guess what menus our waiter gave us? We realized this when we asked for the calamari. He went to the kitchen to ask the chefs if that was possible after 2, but came back and told us that they ran out of the appetizer. Okay. Noticing that we had brunch menus at 1:50 pm, we requested the lunch menu and went from there.

(Note: Calamari is a brunch and lunch small plate.)

After a quick glance over the lunch menus, we decided on the pork belly small plate and bison burgers with garlic rosemary fries for our lunch.

The pork belly came out within 15-20 minutes. If you like the fatty piece on a crispy piece of bacon, you’d like pork belly.

The lunch pork belly differs from the brunch pork belly. The lunch pork belly is drizzled with caramelized onions, shaved jalapenos, cilantro, and pickled peppers. This really seems like a catastrophe of flavors but indeed, it is such a nice combination. There’s a sweet and spicy situation going on in your mouth with every bite. It is an $8 appetizer, however, but it won’t disappoint.

Though there the restaurant wasn’t busy with patrons, the service was subpar. Almost an hour after we sat down, our burgers and fries came out. Something apparently happened in the kitchen which caused a mix up.

Thank goodness the food was pretty good when it finally arrived.

And y’all know how much I love truffled-esque fries.

The bison burger was seasoned very well. Actually, so well that I could ditch the bun and eat the bison alone. Only a few burgers are that good to me. I was expecting it to be bison a la Ted’s Montana Grill, but instead, it was more meaty and less artisan.

The garlic rosemary fries reminded me of a mixture between Marlow’s Tavern’s truffled parmesan fries and Longhorn Steakhouse’s garlic parmesan fries. I’d get it again based on that alone.

So, I’d come back to There Brookhaven again.

Listen. Not every restaurant will have a good day. The customer service wasn’t disrespectful and the food was good. The food is what I came for. The pork belly, bison burger and garlic rosemary fries did the trick. I’d just hope that in my return trip, I could enjoy There even more.

There Brookhaven

305 Brookhaven Avenue, Suite 1200, GA 30319
(404) 949-9677
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