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When Can I Eat Romaine Lettuce Again?

This is such a serious inquiry.

Ever since I heard about the E. coil outbreak last month, I’ve been paranoid. I’d just bought two packs of spring mix from Kroger and frequented Bleu House for my lunchtime salads. Since then, I’ve tried to navigate the waters of spinach and kale and opt for other veggie/flexitarian meals. You never notice how many places incorporate romaine lettuce into their entrees until there is a recall.

I hope everyone is playing it safe but because I can’t be certain, I rather abstain. Folks are dying out here, b. This is real.

My hair stylist told me last weekend that a few of the chains she frequented stopped offering salads or lettuce with their meals. I don’t know if the mom-and-pop spots I go to are that vigilant. Even recent conversations with acquaintances casually brushed off the warning, saying that “the period of threat is over” and that “it doesn’t even affect the rest of the country.” No sooner than I had that last conversation, WSB-TV reported the first outbreak in Georgia. Nope!

I’m patiently awaiting confirmation from God that I can resume eating random spring mixes from random distributors. But until then, I will continue to skirt romaine lettuce and the clique it claims until further notice. Rather be safe than sorry.