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When Is It Okay to Ask for Gas Money?

The last time I was asked for gas money was last year en route to Blairsville for my birthday. Actually, it was the first time in a while. And the mere request honestly caught me off guard since I paid for the lodging and only asked for grocery contributions.

I remember talking with a friend about this and she shared a similar thought: I shouldn’t have to pay for gas. Despite my opposition, I did and life moved on but as I think about upcoming road trips, this question floated back to the surface.

When is it okay to ask your friends for gas money?

I’m planning a domestic trip for my birthday and will probably rent a car. I assume several of us will ride together and will split the costs of the rental and gas, naturally. But this is where it can get dicey.

Some believe that the designated driver shouldn’t have to pay for gas since he or she is acting as the chauffeur. Others believe that the owner of the car should get a pass because their property is getting used.

I don’t agree with this.

I personally believe that the cost of gas should be equally split between all riders and drivers. I’d print receipts everytime I stopped at the gas station and calculated the average to be shared between all involved parties.

However, if it is agreed upon that there is a sole driver and because of that, he or she does not have to pay their share because of the physical duty, then why not. I think it gets messy when the terms aren’t determined beforehand. I’ve gone on a road trip with four where only three of us had to contribute towards gas because the driver was the owner of the car. Allegedly, her drive was equal to the $40 we all had to chip in.

I believe it’s only okay to ask for gas when the roles are shared across the trip.

Unless my friend that is driving is the one footing the bill for the trip, I’ll expect us all to chip in our $20. Before the trip happens, this conversation will occur because I don’t want any issues due to a lack of understanding. I’ve seen friendships crumble over less.

What do y’all think? Hit me up on Twitter at @forkcetious and let me know your thoughts.