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Why I’m Celebrating NYE in a Cabin

Two years ago, seven friends and I rented a cabin in Big Canoe, GA for New Year’s Eve. Our cabin was located in a spread out subdivision of sorts that allowed us to get away from the hustle of metro Atlanta life. Those four days in the mountains were an excellent start to 2015 and I vowed to make this a New Year tradition. This year, I’m going to do it again as my boyfriend and eight other friends are heading to Pigeon Forge to ring in 2017. The planning of the trip made me realize that NYE cabin trips are basically kismet. The holiday and setting are perfect together.

It’s not a hotel

Usually, the only hotels worth staying in around New Year’s Eve are probably populated with visitors in town for New Year’s Eve activities (read: Peach Drop). Parking will be horrendous, hotel rates will be expensive, and traffic will be nauseating. Plus, I’d have to abide by hotel rules so the music has to be at a respectable level. Hotels also only accommodate up to 4-6 people per room depending on style. And granted, I could make it work with a small group but then I’d prefer to just be at home instead.

It’s not the club

I hate the club in the first place so to be at a club on a night that screams pretension is not how I want to usher in 2017. Crowds, hurt feet, and finding whatever dress makes me look relevant is not my wave. I didn’t budget for bottle service so I’ll have to deal with the pain that comes with wearing 5″ heels all night. Someone’s going to end up stepping on my toe or pushing me as they aggressively walk by and I don’t have the time to start the new year with an attitude.

It’s a built-in vacation

It’s an opportunity to not be at home, for one. Cabins are usually in mountainous areas so I get to enjoy gorgeous views while briefly disconnecting from city (or suburban) life. Granted, this means I’ll probably have to cook but that’s fine when there’s a group of us. It’s really a great chance for a group trip so that means shared experiences. Many inside jokes will come from this trip. And for someone with limited vacation time, it’s a win-win.

I don’t have to find my way home afterwards

Two things I don’t like are unnecessary costs and drunk drivers. Staying in a cabin eliminates all of that. Uber, Lyft, and nem will have surge prices that’ll cause some distraught millennial strife because they didn’t realize their ride home from XYZ NYE turn up turned into a $600 ride home. And those that didn’t want to find a ride home or get a hotel will risk it all by hopping on the road. I don’t want to chance my life by going out and potentially getting hit by someone that’s over the BAC limit.

So basically, cabin trips for New Year’s are lit.

I get to spend time with my friends in a beautiful home with gorgeous views and don’t have to worry about dangerous roads. The trip two years ago was so peaceful and really set the tone for 2015. I’m hoping this trip does the same.